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Witford Showrooms Case Study

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple; design professionals are sourcing online, but where are all the Trade showroom catalog options? We were amazed to see how hard it was to find a variety of to-the-trade-only products online.

It turns out there was a simple explanation; traditional trade showrooms do not have the infrastructure to build and manage a digital showroom. This is why ShowroomSoftware decided to partner with trade showrooms to customize and manage digital showrooms. We make it possible for showrooms to provide a visual platform where designers can easily interact and enable the sale of products and design concepts to their clients.

There’s nothing complicated about it, we provide showrooms with the digital tools to bring products and staff to where these professionals are most often found, ONLINE.


The Challenge

Interior Designers are spending more time online and less time in trade showrooms. Young interior designers, our industries future are learning how to design and source online. Retail and nontrade companies are influencing and acquiring more and more of interior designer dollars. Trade Showrooms need to adjust and provide service where interior designers are spending most of their time, online.

The Result

Jan. 1, 2018: We implemented digital trade showrooms customized to our clients very specific business needs. We mimicked everything that was currently working for their business in a digital format. All of their brands and products were uploaded to their website so interior designers could access pricing, requests quotes 24/7. We added chat so interior designers could easily interact with the sales staff during business hours.