You’ve probably heard it dozens and dozens of times: we live in an information age driven by digital media. But if you think it doesn’t apply to your industry or profession, think again. As the year comes to a close, there is no better time to adopt new technology and welcome a digital transformation of your interior design business than right now.

Business is slower making upgrades more ideal

Businesses often see a slow down during this time of the year as offices close for the holidays and employees take time off.

This makes it an ideal time to implement new technology because if anything goes wrong, you won’t have a ton of customers without access to your business. This can take down some of the barriers you face with adopting new technology.

Improved customer relationships

2019 is a new year and a chance to reinvent yourself in the eyes of your customers. New technology can be the key to showing that you’re one of the most innovative and advanced showrooms and be the deciding factor when a designer chooses to work with you over others.

If you have lofty growth goals and expectations for next year, give yourself a fighting chance at reaching those goals by ensuring you start the year right with the technology and infrastructure necessary to succeed.

As a part of the designer trade industry, you showcase stunning designs to customers, but the old days of booklets and magazines you have to mail or have the customer flip through inside your office is dead. Now is the time to prove you’re on the cutting edge of your industry by adopting a digital solution for your online showroom.

With a strong economy, interior designers have more opportunity now than they have had the last several years to grow their business. This can be buoyed by strong technology that highlights your strengths and abilities.

End-of-the-year write off

Perhaps the greatest reason to adopt new technology right now is the end-of-the-year write off on your 2018 taxes. If you haven’t started to think about tax season yet, you could be missing out on some great financial benefits of new technology that you could experience by getting the expense in before the end of the year.

An expense this year could result in improvements to your bottom line next year. You can discuss the benefits with your tax consultant or financial advisor as you decide whether or not Showroom Software is right for you.

Your customers will do their design research online whether or not you provide them the tools to do so. Wouldn’t it be better if they were doing their online research with your company? Don’t be a company that waits too long to adopt new technology and has to play catch up in the digital transformation age.


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