ShowroomSoftware for Designers

What is ShowroomSoftware for Designers?

ShowroomSoftware for Designers allows approved designers to add trade products and brands to their website. Remember when you had a library full of physical to the trade catalogs? Well this is just like that but digital. ShowroomSoftware and your local Trade Showrooms want to now build you a digital library with whichever products and brands you wish to have.

Why did you build this?

We want to make it easier for designers to have access to trade products and use those products to service current and former clients. Displaying and sharing these unique customizable products lead to conversations with potential clients.

How does it work?

ShowroomSoftware configures your designer pages. These pages are then loaded onto your website through a simple URL link. And you then can begin to select products you wish to show on those pages.

How does the product information stay current?

ShowroomSoftware updates all the product information. We add new products, remove discontinued and update pricing.

Does pricing show on my website?

No, pricing does not show on the front end of your website. Each product has a Request Price Button that sends you an email. This starts the conversation about price and options. You give the final price.

How do I know my designer price?

Your pages come with a login for you to access designer pricing to the products you selected. Pricing is tied directly to your local trade showroom that represents those products.  There is a contact showroom button for any custom or pricing questions.

Do I need to be registered with my local showrooms?

Yes, you need to be registered with your local showrooms that represent the brands and products you wish to have on your website. There is no cost to register with your local trade showroom.

How do I buy the products on my website?

You purchase your products through the local trade showroom that represents those products.

Is there a price point I have to sell at?

No, you sell how you normally would.

How much does it cost to join?

There is a monthly fee of $25 per month. This includes hosting and maintenance of your pages. As well as keeping the product and brand information up to date.

How do I join?

Just click Join Now!

Can I see these pages?