Luxury Trade Industries

The Luxury Trade Industries Digital Journey

With a pace of change that is breathtaking, it is vital for companies in the luxury trade to be in-tune with their clients move to a digital buying journey. Avoiding digitalization is no longer an option and it is time to take the plunge into the digital world.

More than 60% of Luxury good sales are now digitally influenced – Boston Consulting Group

This means that shoppers either researched online and bought at the store, shopped in the store but bought online, or purchased outright online. Going digital offers something for everyone and allows designers to meet their clients where they prefer to shop, online.

According to Bain-Altagamma, the luxury online channel is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 15% annually through 2020. Many Luxury brands have embraced this digital journey and have seen significant results. For example, Lancome was an early digital adopter and has experienced an overall 4% conversion uplift.

Showroom Software can help you start on your digital journey

Showroom Software allows companies to flourish in today’s digital environment. Easily change directions and meet demands for new opportunities. Embrace disruption and execute rapid technology pivots.

Working with industry insiders to guide you on your digital transformation has many benefits;

  1. Satisfied designers, thanks to intuitive and simple project management with a modern interface
  2. Gain faster access to reliable product data – any time, anywhere
  3. Efficient search capabilities
  4. Ease of use and ease of implementation
  5. Ability to manage product-centric data relationships

Let Showroom Software show you how to bridge the offline traditions of the Luxury buying experience with a strong and modern digital approach.