7 Reasons Why the Trade Industry Hesitates

The luxury market is diving into unexpected realms to provide consumers with more tailored experiences and if companies do not increase their digital presence, they will fall behind the times. This is also the case for showrooms and manufacturers. Knowing this, why isn’t everyone focusing on their digital transformation? We have addressed common concerns that we hear from our clients about digitization:

  1.   What I have currently works for us.

You aren’t getting the full view of what consumers needs and behaviors are. Your current business strategy may work, but is it the best way to stay in front of your clients? Probably not.

  1.   We don’t want to spend the extra money.

Your homepage is the new door to your business. Just as your physical showroom is laid out to create sales so is the digital showroom. Your client needs and purchasing behavior is changing, you’re not spending money, you’re investing in growth.

  1.   We don’t see the point.

Sometimes it can be hard to accept change, but change can benefit your team as well as the company. We are a technology and digital marketing firm that understands the traditions of the Designer Trade Industry. Working within that tradition we combine a digital showroom, data collection, and marketing to increase conversion and drive new sales.

  1.   The digital transformation is too complex.

The learning curve pays off. Through consultation and training services, everyone can get on board as quickly and smoothly as possible.

  1.   It doesn’t have features I want.

We listen to our clients and carefully design our Showroom Software around their needs. If the feature is not available we can customize to your specifications. There may be a better way of understanding and working with your clients than previously thought.

  1.   I don’t have the time to set everything up.

In order to maximize the benefit, the implementation is a methodical and customized process. We offer an implementation package that sets up your company’s success from the beginning. Technical support is also available to make sure that everything is working for you.

  1.   I might lose my data.

Showroom Software makes sure that important data is transferred over as smoothly as possible.

Did we miss any? If so let’s discuss it. At Showroom Software, we aim to provide our clients with the most current features and capabilities that a digital showroom solution has to offer.