Thomas Lavin

Designers source from websites that have the largest selection of their favorite brands. Giving designers 24/7 digital access to all products including pricing, quote capabilities, tears sheets and more keeps them on a website to sourcing products.

ShowroomSoftware was able to provide a solution for Thomas Lavin showroom that included:

  • A Digital Catalog to track all designer movements. They are able to select a designers name and see what products they viewed, quotes requested, tear sheets printed and more.
  • Analytics to track each product based upon number of views, quotes tear sheets and more.
  • These analytics give great insight into what your designers want and how well your brands products are performing.

Showroom Software Solutions

E-Commerce was implemented for logged in designers only. This function allowed easy access to products that are available immediately. Having this instant gratification functionality increased traffic to the site and created additional sales.

A CRM was implemented to process the Analytic Data being collected from the Digital Catalog. One key functionality of the CRM are the automated alerts informing the Thomas Lavin sales team which designers or consumers are actively sourcing products. This ensures the team is contacting designers at the right time in the sourcing cycle.