Showroom Software implemented a new website for Leflar to provide them with a 24/7extension of their showroom. Along with the website, a customized Digital Catalog with Analytic Tracking was installed.

Showroom Software was able to provide a solution for Leflar that included:

  • Website  to Increase their Visibility. Today’s designers are spending most of their time online, from sourcing to accounting it’s all online. In order to be where those designers now reside we need to become more digital.  It all starts with your website.
  • CRM to Streamline their Organizations. One of the best ways to make sure a customer doesn’t go to a competitor is by building a long-term, personal relationship with them. Personal touch to being one of the family: phone calls, dinners, visits and trips. Expanding the tools available to increase the opportunity for touch.
  • Digital Catalog to track all designer movements. They are able to select a designers name and see what products they viewed, quotes requested, tear sheets printed and more.
  • Analytics to track each product based upon number of views, quotes tear sheets and more. These analytics give great insight into what your designers want and how well your brands products are performing.