The increasing need for knowing trends in shopping behavior is forcing the luxury product space to rely on analytics solutions to improve pricing structures, better customer segmentation, and analyze product performance. There is a very real profitability that can result from a better understanding of your customer’s projects through the use of analytics.  Do you
Digital Transformation is not just about creating an online presence, it’s a holistic approach imperative to the luxury trade industry.  Information is flowing through networks with greater intensity, luxury brands faced with the prospect of “Digital Darwinism” will increasingly experience a disconnect from customers. To make sure your business is not just dragged along or
In an industry largely defined by traditional relationships and the cultivated quality of products and services, luxury brands have been more gradual in the adoptions of emerging consumer technology. Today, the way luxury brands maintain the tight control over their messaging and brand identities are being disrupted by technology and a desire for more personalized
Showroom Software
You’ve designed an impeccable showroom with the most exquisite brands, designers stop to admire the perfect layout from furnishings to textiles, all meticulously brought together. Each product in your showroom forms a part of your reputation, your brand that you spent years on perfecting, but how do you keep up with new trends constantly emerging?